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Maintenance Managed

Track and manage your repair and maintenance issues end-to-end from initial report to Fixed.


FIXIT seamlessly and frictionlessly assists your management of repair and maintenance issues across your property portfolio.

  • Records the issue details submitted by the tenant on their mobile, including pictures of the problem.
  • Manages your contractors and automatically sends them the details
  • Tracks progress to fixed
  • Shows detailed analytics of your issues and spends
  • Compliant with Section 21 Notice regulation

At PLACE we strongly believe in a ‘Big Society’ and that more can be done to help tackle homelessness. Through our excellent charity partners, The Booth Centre & Emmaus, our A PLACE for Everyone’ Campaign gives you the opportunity to help homeless people get back on their feet in a supportive environment with a firm but fair attitude to the road to recovery.


FIXIT for Tenants

Benefits of FIXIT-

  • Easy to report an issue 24/7/365 using their mobile
  • Language Agnostic
  • Automated updates

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FIXIT for Agents

Benefits of FIXIT

  • No more repair issue phone calls disrupting your enquiries
  • Manage your contractors more efficiently and effectively
  • Section 21 Notice compliant by design

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Tenants can quickly and easily report issues on their mobile

Agents can efficiently track issues

Contractors can see all the issue details on their mobile

Critical information at your fingertips included as standard

A PLACE for Everyone

For every property that is managed with FIXIT for more than 12 months

We will donate a meal for a homeless person at the Booth Center.


we will sponsor a bed for a night for a homeless person in the Emmaus community.

Register now for free and make an important donation to our homeless.

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Meals are provided by our Charity Partner

Beds for the night are provided by our Charity Partner


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